There have been times that I have spent quite a few hours talking to people about the security of their homes. One of the many questions I ask these people is if they ever noticed any suspicious activities in or at their homes. Broken windows, burglaries, suspicious people, anything suspicious. Most of the people had stories of their own and all this led to them installing some type of home security system on their premises.

Someone told me he had been at home one afternoon. After leaving to pick up his son they returned home about 20 minutes later and one of the windows at the front were broken. Several items were also missing from the home. He actually suspected that someone had been keeping watch on the house and took their chance when they saw him leave.

Another person, a mother of three, said that she had once opened the door to someone who claimed to be some type of salesman. After making the sales pitch, he then politely requested to speak about his products with her inside the home. He then asked to use her phone but she refused due to him being so persistent.

Everyone of us have stories of persistent encounters with suspicious people – some far worse than others. I have heard plenty of stories from different people who never really knew that it would happen to them on that day. Of course these two individuals did not wake up that morning and know what would befall them that day. This is just another example of the importance of being proactive.

Investing in your home security is an investment in your and your family’s quality of life and your way of life. If something does happen, at least you will have the backup of a home security system which could lead saving your family’s life.

Home Security with Palisade Fencing

Unfortunately South Africa has a very high crime rate and people are always looking for ways to protect themselves, their families and their possessions. Homeowners invest a lot of money towards various security systems. Many homes even have a combination of security systems all programmed to function at their best individually as well as with the other available features. For example, a security gate is installed on the doors and entrances of the home and on its own, it is a formidable barrier between criminals and the family but if it used in conjunction with an alarm or motion detector, it turns into a crime deterrent of note.

Palisade fencing is quite similar to the security gate in the example above. Palisade fencing in very popular in South Africa and is preferred in domestic as well as commercial properties. Properly installed palisade fencing is tough and sturdy. It is solidly installed to perform its functions effectively. Palisade fences are typically about 2.5 meters high and they are made of many different materials such as wood, galvanised steel, aluminium, stainless steel and aluminium. The materials used to manufacture the panels in the palisade fence determine the price of the fence.

As with any security system, however simple, experts recommend that only qualified and experienced installation contractors should install the system. Palisades and other types of fences are means of security but they can be installed by any contractor who has the know-how and tools, it does not necessarily have to be a security specialist.

It must be noted that in Johannesburg especially, palisades are the perfect safety and security tool not only because they keep criminals away but the spaces between the panels also add value for the homeowner. These spaces allow the occupants of the home to see if there are any unsavoury characters lurking outside the yard. Even the City of Johannesburg encourages its residents to rather use palisade fencing as opposed to solid brick and cement structures.

Palisades are not only a safety choice but they come in wide range of styles, designs and colours to suit the décor theme for any home.

Putting A Home Security System Together

Having a home security system is one of the best ways for an individual to achieve peace of mind in their homes. With South Africa having one of the highest crime rates in the world, many people do not have the luxury of feeling safe within their own homes.

A home security system includes everything in and around your home that is installed with the purpose of increasing the safety and security of your home. This will include your entrance gate, garage gates, cameras, alarms and burglar bars.

The most vulnerable place for any home is the entrance gate or garage door. While some garage doors, such as wooden garage doors, are extremely sturdy, they do not make any noise when rattled or otherwise attempted to open. There are similar pros and cons for any material you choose for your garage door. Because this area of your home is so vulnerable, it is wise to ensure that a at least a portion of your home security is based in and around the entrance. This includes installing cameras and alarms.

If you have a gate with automation installed, it is important to regularly check and maintain the gate’s motor to ensure that it is working optimally. Because the motor is usually one of the first places a criminal will try to jam, it is important to ensure that it is secure and functioning. In the case of an automatic gate being damages, taking other precautions such as chains and locks to keep it closed is important.

If anything around the entrance to your home is damaged, such as the garage door or entrance gate, it is important to get them repaired as quickly as possible to ensure the safety and security of your home.

Other steps you can take to improve the security of your home is to adopt a large-breed guard dog, have CCTV cameras installed, have a generator installed, panic buttons, and ensuring wireless systems have their batteries changed regularly.

Feeling safe in your own home has unfortunately become a privilege instead of a right, but there are precautionary steps you can take to ensure that your home is safe.

Home Security with Alarm Systems

Your home is your safe haven and you should feel safe at your own home the moment you walk through the gate. Your family needs to be protected whether you are home or away at work. One of the best ways to provide around the clock protection for the family and priceless, precious possessions is to install an alarm security system. That way you can get professional back-up when someone is attempting to invade your home, harm the family or steal items from the home.

Installing an alarm system can be done in two ways. There are many simple and easy to follow DIY instructions that will help you install the alarm system yourself and successfully link it to a response tower if necessary. Linked alarm security systems do not come cheap and they usually involve registering with a private company which will monitor your house regularly. Some people decide against linking their alarm systems to an armed response service because of the long and obligatory contract period. Linked alarm systems are also more expensive because of the important secondary benefits that add value to any alarm such a notification function that sends a text message to the homeowner from the security company’s response tower. This message seeks to alert the owner that the home may be at risk of unauthorized entry by criminals and to get confirmation from the homeowner if this is a real situation or perhaps, a false alarm.

Elite and trusted security monitoring companies that specialize in providing security services and products suited for use around the home employ staff that is sufficiently trained for tactical responses to life or death situations. Such companies monitor home from a remote location and are able to respond effectively and apply any necessary force to protect their client.

There are many types of alarm systems designed for the home and they differ greatly in the features they include depending on how much the homeowner is willing to pay. Though home security systems can be very expensive they are an excellent investment towards safety in the home.