Security is an important aspect in our everyday lives. Especially with such high crime rates it it something that we think of everyday of our lives. We often stop to think how we can make securing our lives so much easier to deal with.

We stock all kinds of security systems to put your mind at ease. We have a wide range of security cameras for both inside and outside your home. We also have security systems for large businesses as well. All these can be linked to one server and you can always have your live footage constantly running.

So we give security solutions which will guarantee that you’re able to keep an eye on your home or business. We offer you a wide variety of CCTV systems to suit your needs.

Our company aims to provide you with the best CCTV security systems to ensure that you are safe and secure and your loved ones are also at ease knowing that their surroundings are kept safe and monitored.

Why It Is Important To Maintain CCTV Systems

It is very important to maintain CCTV systems regularly. This would ensure that they function optimally at all times which will ensure that they provide the security that they were intended to. CCTV system maintenance is not very costly and can in fact save you money. It does this by fixing small faults before they progress and develop into big costly repairs.

Another way that it saves you a lot of money is by prolonging the lifespan of your CCTV system. Regular maintenance would lead to your system lasting for a much longer period of time than if you did service it or maintain it well.
The last benefit would be the fact that you would not have to worry as much about the safety of your property. Remember that while a CCTV camera system will help to protect your premises, it should be used in conjunction with other security measures as well.

Different Types Of CCTV Systems

There are many different CCTV systems to choose from when you install one. The type of system that you choose would be decided by your specific needs. If you have a very tight budget and simply wish to increase visible security around your home or office then you can opt to install a fake CCTV camera system. This system would be cheaper and would not require maintenance because they aren’t real camera. They just look like the real thing. These systems main function is to act as a preventative measure.

You can also choose to install an IP CCTV system. These systems are very useful and their main benefit is the fact that you can log in and watch live feed from the CCTV system at any time. You can log in using your phone or computer and an internet connection.

Wireless CCTV systems are another popular choice. They are easy to position and install and you can easily change the location of their cameras. There are not unsightly wires as well so the aesthetic appeal of this system.

The Importance of a CCTV Installation Company

A CCTV system greatly improves the probability of you finding out where that misdemeanor in your factory occurred, or who walked out of your house with all your valuables.

It is a video security system which protects and secures your goods or possessions from any criminal activity. Typically a CCTV setup comprises of a CCTV camera system, a monitor and a storage system. These components all come together to form an excellent method of protecting your business or home.

The installation is quite possibly the most important part of implementing a CCTV system in your home or business.

If installed incorrectly, you might as well have not gone to the all trouble of installing the system in the first place. You might not be able to monitor those important areas. Even the slightest misalignment of the cameras angle may cause you to miss those important shots.

Also, for some systems, training of staff is required in order to make best use of your surveillance equipment and software. In the end, the best approach for you to take would be to get hold of a CCTV installer (especially for larger projects), someone who knows the ins and outs of setting up a video surveillance system. They will be able to inform you about the maintenance required to safeguard your system from certain failures. A good CCTV installation company will also be able to enlighten you about the legal aspects involved in owning a CCTV system. Of course, there is the obvious benefit of not having to install the system yourself, instead you can call upon a company to plan and execute the job for you.

With this in mind, it isn’t hard to find a CCTV company in South Africa, given the nature of the country in which we live. However, one should be careful when choosing a particular company, as there have been instances where consumers have been put out of pocket by dubious CCTV companies. It’s best to look for a reputable CCTV installation company, and to make sure that they have a good track record.