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Who is One Point Security & Maintenance?

One point Maintenance designs bespoke residential and business security solutions for customers based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our team are certified and trained specialists in installing and repairing alarm, CCTV camera surveillance, electric fences, garage door and automated gate systems.

One Point is owned and operated by the Botha brothers Tyson and Jean, who maintain a practical hands on approach to every job.

As a company we stand behind our workmanship and you can be assured that your security is our #1 priority.

For Our Corporate Customers

One Point has developed monthly security maintenance and preventative maintenance solutions for residential and commercial properties. This ensures a good running order and system longevity for key systems like gate motors, electric fences and CCTV equipment (inside of a fixed monthly retainer).

Security & Other Services

Automatic Gates and Garage Door Motors

Our specialist installers are capable of installing any form of garage door motor or gate motor that your home or business may have or require. Whether it be a quote for a lightning strike damage to a motor or the installation of a new automatic door / gate motor we will be able to get the job done right.
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Electric Fence Installations

It’s quite shocking how many people don’t think an electric fence will dissuade someone from trying to hop your wall. Electric fences are one of the best deterrents to would be thieves. when hooking your electric fence up to silent or other alarm systems, security companies can be instantly alerted before the intruder even makes it to the front lawn.
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CCTV Cameras and Closed Circuit Surveillance Cameras

Capture everything as it happens in high definition 24/7/365. Today’s CCTV camera systems are a far cry from where they were a couple of years ago. If you are looking to secure / monitor your company operations while you are not there. One Point installs all manners of CCTV camera systems.
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Network and Data Cable Installations

Installers of high quality network data centers and corporate office data points. CAT5/6 gigabit Ethernet and Fiber network installations. All workmanship completed to industry standards specifications and implementation overseen by One Point Hosting solutions.

Contact our Home Security Team

One Point is based in Johannesburg South Africa and our team services almost all areas in the Gauteng.

Tyson: 071 846 7554
Jean: 072 567 5181
Fax: 086 668 6421
Email: [email protected].