There is nothing more frustrating than to come home to find that your garage door needs repairs. It can be so expensive to call a handyman to come and fix your garage door and many just feel the urge to do their own garage door repairs.  
If you know what the problem is with your garage door doing garage door repairs yourself should be an easy and quick task. Some may know exactly how to fix the problem while others may have to get a book or browse the internet to get do it yourself tips.  
Here are some tips to doing your own garage door repairs. So now you have decided to do your own garage door repairs and you will not only be needing some common sense and a few good household tools. You will need a mallet, a level, a screwdriver or two, a good household cleaner, powdered graphite and an effective lubricant for garage doors.  
Depending on the type of garage door you have, the method will be different for each.  
A roll up garage door would consist of more or less seven easy steps. First check the metal tracks, which hold the wheels, for any dirt build up because this could be causing the sticking problem. If it is the garage door track which is causing the problem simply use the mallet to smoothen it out. Use the level to ensure that the tracks are still aligned. Use the screwdriver to tighten all the screws. If your tracks are in a severe condition they will need to be replaced fully. Clean and lubricate the wheels and lastly use your household cleaning material to clean the garage door then lubricate it or use the powdered graphite.  
Garage door repairs can be easily fixed if it isn’t a major problem. If you find that it is a bigger problem than you anticipated then it might be better to have a handyman sort the problem out properly. If you aren’t the handyman type it will be best if you leave it alone to stop you from maybe causing more damage to the door.