The old design of garage doors, being as simple as it was, meant that garage door repairs could normally be done without too much fuss. It was a case of buying some beer, calling a few of your handier mates and inviting them round so that the garage door repairs could be done.
Depending on the state of the garage doors, these repairs would often involve just replacing the garage doors with new doors and skipping the repairs process completely. The choice of new garage doors was not to be taken lightly and or rushed into. After all, what could be worse than getting all the guys over to effect repairs to the garage doors, only to discover that repairs were not going to be possible and new doors would have to be bought. Then when the decision to by new garage doors has been made, and the choice about the new doors has been finalised, you then realise that because the whole process was not given its due time and care, the new garage doors are actually not going to fit.
This of course means more beer needs to be bought and drunk while a new plan is put onto the board. This is why garage door repairs are never to be taken lightly, especially now that the mechanism that you use to open the doors is now not as simple as it once was, and repairs can often involve a pro, who actually charges money for his/her advice about what needs to be done to the garage doors.
Partners of amateur home fixers need to take careful note of everything that is said about the garage door repairs before it even begins, because garage door repairs can often really get in the way of the effective running of your home, especially if the repairs were started on the weekend and not quite completed before the Monday school run. This of course leads to frantic phone calls where the old “mister fixer” is called many names, except that one, and he/she is forced to promise that if the repairs to the garage doors are not done by that evening a pro will