Garage door automation is yet another of the innovations that have developed by using electric motors to fulfill day to day requirements.  Previously a house might have had a garage with roller door that could only be secured by locking the base of the door to the floor of the garage.  This made it necessary to unlock a padlock by key.  While providing security and helping to prevent the theft of a vehicle this often became a hindrance as if the key was lost, one couldn’t get the door locked or unlocked with ease.  It also became tedious and cumbersome to have to open the garage, then move the vehicle in or out and still have to manually close the door yet again.  Automated garage doors are a very popular choice for South African home owners.
Using an electric motor to open and close the garage is a more safe, secure and comfortable way to protect one’s car.  While older garage doors rolled up on the inside of the garage structure, automated garage doors use lengthy tracks that run on either side of the garage wall to hold the door when being opened.  The motor powers an elongated screw which pulls the door up from the ground and using the tracks for guidance positions it directly overhead.  In closing the door, the screw turns in a reverse direction which allows the door to drop at a gentle pace that it comes to rest without crashing to the ground.  Usually when the motor is being activated a small light is attached that will become illuminated.  This is especially useful at night time as the driver of a car can see clearly to park the car safely and also be aware of his or her surroundings.  Even if a fault develops with the motor, the garage door can easily be flicked onto a manual override which allows a person to open and close with ease.
When choosing a motor to be installed, it is very important that the consumer consider how much use it will be required to take.  A more powerful motor will take less strain and last for many years.  Garage door automation can be installed for use with different types of door, whether this is steel, Meranti wood or Chromadek Roll-up doors.  The weight of the material and thus the door will have a dramatic impact on the power required to raise and lower it.  It is absolutely essential that a garage door be well maintained at all times as the weight can cause severe injury or damage if it came crashing down onto a person or vehicle.  One should consult the installation company on matters of repair or maintenance if the door isn’t operating in perfect condition.