?Often things are costly and people have to doc up hefty sums cash in order to have repairs and services done. Due to the fact that some of these services are essential and for one’s own security, people make debt to have things done. When we look at garage doors, immediately we realize how costly they are to have them repaired.
Garage door repair cost increases dramatically if the homeowner is making use of an electrical system. Because the electric or automated door uses electricity and a motor to power it, when having these garage doors repaired all the aspects will be looked into. Sometimes repairing could mean the entire garage door opener unit having to be replaced but fortunately, these units can last a good 10 to 12 years so by the time they need replacing, they would have already served their full purpose.  
Garage door repairs can cost from as little as 4 000 to as much as 30 000, all depending on the extent of the damage or repair requirements and whether the door is manual or automated. Garage door repair cost also include mending or replacing springs, cables and door hardware that was worn out through the years. Some garage door repair companies have spares to certain motor makes such as; Genie, Crusader, Pro Alpha, Gemini and other.
Garage door maintenance is important for the long life of the garage door. Maintenance will include replacing and maintenance of parts such as; hinges being serviced and or replaced where necessary; springs are re-tensioned as this is important for the mobility of the door.  Garage door maintenance also includes the cables and pulleys being checked and serviced as needed.  
When buying or installing any garage door, it is always important to let a professional company have it done for you. To ensure that thousands are not being spent on repairs, homeowners must make it a priority to regularly have their garage door maintenance done. Deciding on the best choice of garage door is up to the budget of the homeowner as well as whether it will be manually or automatically operated.