Electric fencing installation is an often complicated and hard job but the rewards are great. In South Africa one of the biggest concerns are security related.  Electric fences usually consist of several rows of thin un-insulated cable and run on the top of a wall or fence surrounding your house. These cables are electrified and consequently provide a good deterrent to intrusion onto your property. The system is also connected to an alarm system to warn you or notify a security service provider should the cable ever be cut.  

While there are electric fencing DIY kits available it is usually better to have these systems installed by qualified personnel. Qualified personnel have experience when it comes to installing an electric fence and will not only install it correctly but will also install it a lot faster.  Although the cost of hiring a qualified person to install the fence might be costly, it will be done correctly and with the correct tools. They also come with a guarantee or warranty on their services.  These people can be found in the classifieds, internet or even in pamphlets.  

Electric fencing supplies are often the one major concern of the prospective buyer.  In a case like this the buyer is often found at a hardware store or looking online.  The cost of electric fencing is often a cost. Although the prices have decreased a significant amount they are still considered expensive and therefore often need a great deal of consideration. These supplies often have to be bought separately and from different sections.

In most cases the electrical fence is put on top of a security gate and a wall. Because they are often not very high they are efficient. This is because in most cases this is just an added security benefit. this wll help keep intruders outside and the people inside the property safe. These electrical fences are made up of three or four thin wires that are not insulated and have an electric current running through them. If anyone touches them they will get a shock. This is a very effective way of protecting the property.