There are many homes these days that have a gate around there homes or properties. A gate that’s automatic is a motorised system which is usually used with a remote control which you press to open and close the gate. This can prevent you from getting wet when its raining and it could prevent your car from being stolen while you are opening a manual gate. A gate that’s automatic also can have its speed set to either go faster or slower.  
So many home owners will use gates that are automatic not only for safety reasons but because there is no manual labour necessary, so they are not at risk at hurting their bodies opening heavy gates.  
A gate that’s automatic isn’t just set up around homes but could be set up around buildings such as apartments or business but around any dwelling that may need protection. Most automatic gates are equipped with an intercom system, the standard intercom systems having just speech while others could include camera surveillance aswell.  
An automatic gate is usually set up by a professional to ensure it is placed properly and any wires are connected properly. An automatic gate could also be troublesome because most gates that are motorised are connected to electricity and if they power cuts or goes off the gate probably will have to be opened by you, yourself and manual. If you have your automatic gate set up in an area where mud can be created excessively it could cause the gate to get stuck after rainy weather. This could be frustrating for many because it will still be difficult to open manually.  
An automatic gate usually also has sensor to prevent your gate from closing on your car. A automatic gate can not only be a blessing but a curse for others to. An automatic gate has many different price ranges, sizes and types. You can have a whole variety to choose from when having your gate automatic. All you need to do is find the best one and the best place to put it.