Some people seem to wonder if an automation gate may be there best option when they look into securing their homes. Well maybe this article will help you make that decision.  
An automation gate has so may advantages but thay also have disadvantages when it comes to how they work and how they benefit you.  
Some of the advantages of an automation gate may include that it needs no manual operations to open the gate which means you won’t hurt your back or body openeing the gate everyday as it can be fully automatic using a remote control. It can also benefit those that live alone and either leave early in the morning or arrive late at night. It can be a good security measure for those that may live in a dangerous area and where car jackings are common, an automation gate can prevent this because you don’t need to get physically out of your car to open the gate. It can also benefit you if it is raining or is windy outside because you won’t get wet or cold while opening and closing your security gate. You can do all of this from the comfort of your own home. The latest automation gates are also equipped with camera’s and or intercoms, which makes it easier to open and close them. You can even operate your gate from your cellphone and some can do this from anywhere.  
Like all things in life it can’t all be honky dory and just like with everything else a product will have disadvantages. The main disadvantage of an automation gate is that if it is connected to the electricity to work, and your power trips or is cut you gate will most probably not function and you will need to open it manually, some may even not be accessible in these times. Another disadvantage is that it can get stuck after a heavy storm if there is sand and dirt built up between the wheels or on the track. It is all upto you whether or not to get an automation gate but it will probably have more advantages than disadvantages.