Apart from high walls and balustrades, many people opt for electric fences as an additional measure of security. Burglars scale walls and find ways to get over balustrades in an attempt to steal items of value. Many people have installed alarm systems to protect their homes but feel that they want to stop criminals from entering their property in the first place.
It is however, necessary to keep the fence in good order and repair. Keep the fence free from vegetation; any wet leaf that touches the wires can set it off. Trim trees and prune other tall-growing plants, and inspect the fence regularly to make sure that it functions properly. Take a wire and attach it to the end of a piece of wood, for instance a wooden pole, and cause your own shorts to see how the fence works. If you walk along a fence and you hear a tic tic sound, do not be fooled to think that the electric fence works, this is merely the sound of the energiser.   
If you find any places where the fence has been broken, call a repair team to fix it for you. You can ask the team who did the installation to do the repair work or you can find another company to do it, just as long as they have the correct testing equipment. You need a person or company who understands electric equipment, knowledge of how electric fences work is not always enough. If they bridge the fence, the alarm will stop but that does not mean that the problem has been solved. Rather find the underlying cause of the problem and fix it for once and all.
House owners install electric fences for a reason – to protect what is theirs and to safeguard the lives of their family and friends. It will only do that if it is functioning properly. If the alarm goes off repeatedly, do not switch it off, criminals often short a fence to irritate the owner and once you switch it off they get a chance to enter the property.