Our cars are important to us. They help us to get to our jobs, pick up our kids from school, and go on holidays. Without them we would find life more difficult. So protecting our cars should be very important. The most basic way of protecting our cars is to park them in a garage to guard them against the elements or theft.

In South Africa, cars are stolen on a regular basis and one of the most frightening ways this can happen is when you’re just about to park your car in the garage. Criminals will follow you to your home and highjack you when you’re in your driveway while you’re trying to open the garage door. This strategy allows criminals quick access to your vehicle as well as a speedy getaway, since your gate is probably open.

To prevent this from happening it would be a good idea to buy yourself an automatic garage door. One where all you have to do to open it is to press a button on your remote control. This will allow you to quickly and easily park your car in your garage. Of course, this kind of garage door is not necessary for everyone, but it does provide a simple solution to those who want to add that extra precaution.
A usual automatic garage door will consist of panels of wood or steel hinged to each other and connected to a roller which guides the panels along the roof of your garage (when opening). This setup allows for the doors to move up and down. These kinds of doors are called sectional garage doors. This is unlike your manual doors, which are usually a large, single piece of wood or steel, these are called single panel garage doors.
There are many suppliers of garage doors in South Africa and one should look for reputable businesses that have a good track record. Having a poorly installed garage door is really frustrating and sometimes may even lead to you being unable to remove your car from your garage. So choose your garage installation company wisely.