?To have automatic gates at entrances or driveways is probably the most convenient choice than having to get out the car or have somebody physically push the gate open. Basically automatic gates work with electricity as well as a little motor for power and easy movement.  
The automatic gate opener is the little box one would find attached to one end of the gate and this little motor would power the gate to open and close at the click of a remote control button. Automatic gates are safety precautions and it avoids the driver of the vehicle from having to exit their vehicle to open a gate and perhaps risk being attacked by an unknown person. Automatic gate openers also have a back up battery, which is another security feature, and will work for a few extended hours during a power failure. The two basic types of electric gate openers are hydraulic and mechanical.  
• Hydraulic – produces more power when opening gates yet they have less moving parts than mechanical operating systems. They operate using hydraulic fluids to open an electric driveway.

• Mechanical – gets its power from the mains and can be programmed just like the automated gate to open via a wireless transmitter or manual device.
For those conscious about the environment, there are also solar powered automatic gates and they can operate to a degree more efficiently in a sense that they do not have to be in close proximity to the solar power kit in order to function, giving the homeowner the opportunity to have the kit placed underground. Solar gate openers use less electricity, which is always better than a fully automated electric gate.  
There is a wide range of gates to choose from that includes automatic swing gates, slide gates and barrier automated gates. The home or business owner can choose to have extra features installed that assists with security such as a card reader, intercom system, timers, transmitters and other. It should also be taken into consideration that these gates need to be maintained on a regular basis so that they last for many years to come.