When you are driving in a residential are it isn’t uncommon to see security gate’s around many homes. Some have manual gates while others have a motor gate. There are many reasons why an owner of a home will choose to have a motor gate. Not only is it automatic but its safer than leaving your car to open the gate manually, and it is even more convenient when you need your gate opened if it is cold and raining outside. Its an even bigger bonus if you leave early in the mornings or arrive late at night.  
There are many pro’s and con’s to having a motor gate. Not only is it a better security measure but it is also more convenient to use a remote instead of manual labour. You can adjust your motor gate to open faster or slower whichever you may prefer. Having it move faster is a better security measure, because you won’t be in your car for to long infront of the gate.  
Just like everything, a motor gate may have advantages but it can also have a number of disadvantages. One of the main advantages being that most motor gates run off electricity, so when your power is cut it is likely that your motor gate may not function, some can still be manually used. A motor gate is also prone to having the motors stolen out while you aren’t home or while you are sleeping at night. However most motor gates cabt be forced open manually while others can. A motor gate is also prone to getting stuck if there is a lot of sand around its rail’s especially when it has been raining, it could clog up the rail way of the gate.  
A motor gate can be a conveniency while other times it could cause some inconvenience. A newer form of getting through a motor gate is burglars could now be taking it off the rails and removing what they want and then placing them back on the rails, this way many home owners aren’t sure how a burglary could of taken place, you can prevent this by placing a lock on your gate!