?Many people have garages to protect their vehicles from the various weather patterns as well as to safeguard their cars or motor bikes from theft. The garage door is what usually makes the entire structure interesting.  
There are many garage doors on the market, some more expensive than others. In most cases metal garage doors prices range is far less than wooden garage doors. The metal garage doors can last for a long time but ultimately not as long as wooden garage doors. They are easier to install and they are not as heavy as wood garage doors. Wooden garage door prices vary depending on the style and how hard it wood have been to make it, especially when custom made. On average wooden garage doors could easily go for, R5 000 to R15 000, depending on but not solely on whether they are sectional doors or whether they are single or double garage doors.  
Wooden garage door panels is what the door is put together with, and these panels can be many or few as well as broad or thin in width. Apart from garage door panels, wooden garage doors can also be made up with slats which are another common look to wooden garage doors.  
Wooden garage doors can be made of timber or meranti as these are both very strong wood that can last a long time. Wooden doors need to be maintained throughout the years as well as the motor that operates it. Costing the expensive price that they do is worth paying, for a lifetime of a good investment. Individuals who prefer doing it themselves will be happy to know that there is a wooden garage door kit, to assist with the maintenance and longevity of the wooden garage door.  
Wooden garage door kits can consist of; stiles, rails, panels, slats, fasteners and sometimes a hardware kit as well. Making do it yourself a little bit more easy. Hardware shops also sell various tools and equipment that the homeowner may need to maintain their garage door but if the owner chooses to get professionals out to assist instead, then that would also work in each ones’ favour.