Wooden garage doors are a relatively inexpensive way to keep your vehicles and possessions firmly in the safety of your garage. Wooden garage doors can range from inexpensive to quite costly, depending on the size, patterns and materials used.

There are many different types of wood to choose from when deciding on a wooden garage door, and the type of wood you choose can greatly influence the cost of your wooden garage door. Considerations when deciding on a wooden garage door include insulation, strength, size and pattern. Some wooden garage doors can be very elaborately designed, with tiny details adding to a beautiful aesthetic. These wooden garage doors will usually be more expensive than a plain or paneled wooden garage door. Popular designs for your wooden garage door include panels, African or tribal designs, name initials, studs, and for the extremely decadent, even gold, silver or platinum.

A wooden garage door will suit most types of houses, including modern, Victorian or cottage-style houses. Wooden garage doors come in so many colours and patterns that there is a wooden garage door out there for every type of buyer and every style of house.
Wooden garage doors usually roll up, and most can be stopped mid-way. This is good if you have small children or pets that may get trapped under the wooden garage door. Some wooden garage doors even have sensors to ensure that they do not close on anything, such as your car, pet or child.

Some wooden garage doors can have a dog-flap cut into them to ensure that your dog or cat can enter the house through the garage. These can either be ordered when ordering  the wooden garage door, or done by a professional after the wooden garage door has been installed.

Wooden garage doors are a great way to keep your vehicles and home safe. Having a good wooden garage door, along with other security measures for your home, like burglar bars and alarms, can allow you to pay lower insurance premiums depending on the terms and conditions of your home insurance provider.