Many South Africans who are looking to enhance the security and luxury of their homes will start with fitting automated garage doors.  While considerably more expensive than the chromadek option, meranti or wooden garage doors are a most attractive feature.  Wooden garage doors can be fitted as is or with a motor.  Automated doors or those with a motor are increasingly more popular.  Most South African homes might have previously had the old fashioned chromadek or metal garage doors that rolled up on the inside.  These garage doors could only be securely locked by securing a padlock from the base to the floor.  This was an inconvenient practice to follow.  While a garage door made from wood doesn’t automatically require a motor, the majority of these types of doors that are fitted will be automated.
A wooden garage door is usually made from meranti wood.  This is because meranti is commercially available as a heavy duty wood that if properly treated can take the full brunt of nature.  It is hard-wearing and will last much longer than pine.  The wooden garage door is also decidedly more attractive than a metallic chromadek door, though the price is unfortunately a negative factor.   
A wooden garage door is likely to cost twice as much as it’s chromadek counterpart.  A single meranti garage door will cost around R6 000.  This can go up to R9 500 if one adds a motor for automation.  A double meranti garage door will cost about R16 000 which with the addition of the motor should go up to nearly R20 000.  By comparison, the single chromadek door is R3 500.  Wooden doors are also heavier and put more strain on a garage door motor.  This means that if automation is required a more expensive motor may be needed than for a chromadek door.  Furthermore, a wooden garage door will require higher maintenance to ensure the wood stays in good condition.  This may involve various treatments such as varnishing.  The weight of a meranti garage door is substantial and this makes it dangerous to undertake repairs personally.  A professional company should always be called up for any repairs that are needed.