Many of the older garages will be a wooden garage door, but some of the modern homes also have some type of wooden garage door. This type of garage door not only looks stylish and neat but could give your home an elegant look and feel. You get sa range of different wooden garage doors for your homes but they will also vary in style and price range depending on the style and wood type.  
A wooden garage door can come in different types and textures. Garage door styles could include a swing look, a sliding look, a tri fold look and even a quad look. Some wooden garage door textures could include a solid type of wood while others may want small windows in theirs. Some of the mainly used textures include a western red cedar which could come in a light or dark shade, from light amber to a deep honey brown colouring or sawmill creek type of wood.   
A wooden garage door not only looks elegant and neat but you can design it in any way that may interest your own specofic taste and style. Wooden garage doors also come in a variety if types.  
A swing look wooden garage door can be automatic or manual, although an automatic could be safer. A swing wooden garage door could either swing up, sideways or inwards or outwards. A sliding look wooden garage door can just slide sideways but could also be manual or automatic. An tri fold look wooden garage door could fold in a way to the sides or up above the roof, these types look arcitectural and elegant. A quad look wooden garage door could fold wither to the sides or above but will fold about four times. It is best to get these in automatic to avoid them from getting hurt or unhinged.  
A wooden garage door creates a whole new feel to any type if garage and home. You cam choose a wooden garage door from a catalogue or you could be different and create your own as many companies do offer that option to their clients.