South Africans are adept at finding ways to safely and securely look after their properties, possessions and vehicles. Security systems are advanced and one of the best ways to keep your vehicle secure is with a garage door. Garages are designed to protect cars from the weather and from criminal intent. Garage doors can be manually operated or automatic and either way they are still one of the best options for vehicle security.
There is a large range of both wooden and metal garage doors that can be fitted. A client can choose from a range of styles and sizes or have their doors custom designed to fit in with the architecture of the building. Garage doors can be single or double, of horizontal or vertical motion, sectional division or roll-up segments. There are different styles to suit and accommodate any need. Pretoria hosts a number of efficient garage door dealers.
The sectional garage doors and the roll-up garage doors work on a track mechanism that pulls them up horizontally and into the interior of the garage. Sectional garage doors will move up on wheels and tracks and then lie parallel to the floor of the garage. Roll-up doors are generally long sheets of flexible metal that are rolled around a metal tube on top of the garage opening on the interior of the garage. The type of metal used is both dependant price and situation. Both of these types of garage doors can be automated. Balanced garage doors work on a system of pulleys and spring and swing up to lie halfway out of the garage. Balanced garage doors are made of either solid wood or metal.  
A certain amount of maintenance must be done on both steel and wooden garage doors to ensure that they stay around for a lifetime. The springs are the most crucial part of any garage door and need to be kept clean and lubricated by the owner. However if the springs develop a problem, immediately call one of the professionals found in Pretoria. Wooden garage doors must be regularly oiled to protect against weather, UV, fungal and insect damage.