Even though there has been a decline in the amount of cars stolen when looking at the 2011 crime stats, vehicle owners have been warned to to become too lax about vehicle safety. More than 64,504 vehicles were reported stolen in SA in 2011, with more than 10627 vehicles being hijacked in the past year. This disturbing figures equal more than 176 cars stolen every day and 29 hijackings taking place daily in South Africa.

Car Tracking devices, according to MD of MUA Insurance Christelle Fourie, says are becoming a necessity nowadays and no longer a luxury. According to Fourie, vehicle owners should ask their insurance company if installing a tracking device will help to reduce the premiums and excesses.

Where you will park your car overnight is also a large factor in determining the price of the premium you will ultimately pay. One of the latest trends used by car thieves to keep the car from locking is to use a remote to ‘jam’ the car and prevent it from locking. After the car owner leaves the thieves will be able to steal all valuables in the car but won’t necessarily take the car in the process.

It would seem as though the Hilux brand was the most sought after brand for car parts, particularly in the taxi industry. The Hilux was second in demand only to the Citi Golf. Fourie also said that motorists should rather park in thoroughly lit areas and park closer to CCTV cameras and entrances. This would leave their cars less exposed and should something happen, at least it would be captured on the CCTV footage.

There are other ways to protect your car from being stolen too. Using a gear and steering wheel lock will also act as a great deterrent and contribute to keeping your vehicle safe.