?The majority of homes have garages to keep their cars in excellent condition as well as to protect it from possible theft.  The garage door ought to be sturdy and secure to last through tuff weather and many years.  
Garage doors come in various sizes catering for single, double, caravan sizes as well as custom sizes for abnormal sized garages. The prices for garage doors vary due to; size, type of wood used to make it, metal, and whether it will operate manually or have extra parts installed in order to let it function automatically. Roll up doors are easier to maintain than wooden doors thus are priced a bit cheaper. Like the price of a Meranti wood garage door for instance, for a single automated garage door with remote to operate it could roughly cost around R 9 000 and double garage door made with the same wood could probably go for plus minus R 11 500. The price of metal roll up garage doors are more affordable and will do for those who have a smaller budget and the benefit of having a metal garage door is that it can be painted in different colours other than having to varnish the wood of a wooden door. A single motorized chromodek garage door price can go for a low R3 500.
People opt to insulate their garage doors to keep the frosty winter outside, where it should be as warm environments has not really been bad for cars the way cold weather has. Insulated garage door prices vary and are usually supplied and done by companies who specialize in thermal insulation.  
Maintenance for garage doors is a very important factor and is something that supposed to be done on a regular basis. Garage door maintenance services for their clients and in some cases, the entire door will have to either be refurbished or simply replaced due to bad conditions and perhaps years of neglect. Garage door parts may need replacing after a substantial amount of years. In conclusion one can see that buying the correct garage door the first time round could be the best choice to make.