Garage door automation has become very popular in South Africa. This is because of the safety associated with it. It can lead to people often feeling safer that they can just drive into their property without having to stop too often door gate.

This greatly reduces their chances of high jacking. If the people in South Africa can afford it they will get an automated gate. Automated garage doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can come with a battery to operate them or they can come connected to the electricity grid. These batteries are often expensive and can increase in size depending on the size of the gate it needs to open.
Electric garage doors are the most popular. This is because this type of door leads to a garage and this is where the cars will be kept safely from the weather and also intruders. An electric garage door is often operated from a remote control. This is how the person in the car can tell the door to open. In some cases from a far distance.

An electronic garage doors often has a manual over ride button because if there is a power failure then the door will not be able to open. This can sometimes prove to be a hazard especially in South Africa where there are a lot of power failures.
Garage door spares are often easy to find. This is because in general the parts can be used for a variety of other things. This means that in most cases the people will be able to pick up a lot of the spares at different popular hardware stores as well as form the professional.  What is becoming very popular is the second hand garage doors.

This is because these garage doors are often very expensive and this can lead to people often trying to find a cheaper alternative. These can be found in the classified or even in some cases the junk yard. The professional might also be able to suggest that they have second hand ones if the people are interested in them.