Automated garage doors are a great way to speed up entry into a property which reduces the chances of being victimized by criminals. There are several kinds of garage door motors which are designed for the many different types of garage doors. There are a roll up garage doors, swing hung garage doors, up and over garage doors, and sectional garage doors. Since all these types of doors require an upward force to open, they can all usually be fitted with a motor and guide rails to automate the opening of the door.

There are three types of garage door motors, chain driven, belt driven, and screw-drive motors. These vary in cost and noise and it will depend on the buyer to decide the best solution to fit their needs. The size and weight of the garage door will best determine the size and power of the motor required.  Double garage doors are heavier than a single garage doors and an aluminium garage door will be lighter, for example, than a wooden garage door. The heavier the garage door the more powerful the motor will need to be.  
There are models of motors that provide battery backup for electric garage doors which is definitely a feature to consider as this will allow a person to still operate their garage door in the event of a power failure.

Garage door automation is becoming more popular in South Africa due to the costs becoming progressively lower and South Africa’s high crime rate. As garage door prices and the motors required to automate them become more affordable, more and more people are choosing this option as both a matter of convenience and safety.  

When buying a garage door motor it is important to consider the maintenance work that will be require on the unit. Garage door repairs can be costly and maintenance can prevent damage to any of the rails the door slides on and damage to the motor itself. If motor is badly damaged it can cheaper to replace the motor and if a guide rail fails from poor maintenance it can even cause damage to a car.