Many people still love the wooden garage door especially one that has patterns or designs on it.  There are many companies in South Africa that manufactures wooden garage doors in all shapes and sizes and you are very likely to find one that is perfect for your garage and your home.  Garages are a necessity in South Africa these days. You will pay less for car insurance when your car is parked in a locked garage and the more safety measures the garage has, the better for your pocket.  Insurance companies want to insure safely kept cars and wooden garage doors can help in this regard.  

If you want to install a wooden garage door at your home or office, you will have to get hold of a contractor that specialised in wooden garage door installations.  They will come out to you and take measurements of your garage so that they can make sure to sell you a garage door that will fit perfectly.  You can choose a door that rolls up or that simply moves up diagonally until it is horizontal with the roof of the garage.  This all depends on what speed you need the door to open and close and how big your garage is.   

Wooden garage doors are usually a little pricey because of the wood factor.  There are a lot of different woods to choose from when you are choosing a door.  The contractor will be able to tell you which is the best and most popular choices.  If you choose an automated wooden garage door you will have to ask that they build in a safety mechanism.  This will help you in case of an emergency.  There should be a panic button and a release button in a convenient place in the garage. 

When something goes wrong you can press the button which will send a signal to your security company and the police station, as well as the release button which will close the garage door in a much faster speed than what it usually does.