In this day and age everyone seems to be a lot more safety and security conscious than in the recent past. More and more homes, businesses, complexes and even office parks are sporting electric gates that are easily and conveniently controlled by remote. Electric gate automation seems to be the way forward in terms of security features and if you don’t have one, then you are putting your life at risk.
Electric gate automation is not just something that is necessary in South Africa, but it known to have taken the security market by storm on a global scale. Those looking to protect their assets, family and possessions will have an electric gate installed. These types of gates can be programmed in a variety of ways so that you can open and close them with a remote and they also have sensors on each side which ensures that should a vehicle need to stop within the entrance, the gate will not close on it and cause damage.
A professional gate automation team should handle the supply and installation of your electric gate. This will ensure that everything is properly connected and that the gate motor will not be put under any strain. Should something go wrong or your gate stop working, calling the same team in to handle the repairs is the best thing to do. Remember that it will probably be best to shop around with a number of suppliers as prices and service rates will vary from company to company.
Standard gate automation and installation will usually include the gate system, the motor, the cabling and of course the backup power system which is usually a battery. This means that should you experience a power failure or shortage; the battery will ensure that you can still enter and exit your premises for a certain amount of hours.  This is the ultimate convenience.
Automation of gates and even garage doors in South Africa has taken security levels to new heights. Now there is no need to exit your vehicle when returning home to a dark property and your safety can be ensured right up until the point where you have entered your garage and then your home. Invest in an electric automated gate for your safety today.