Garage doors do not just consist of wood or steel – there is a motor involved too which enables a person to control the way it opens and closes. If you need to repair a garage door, you are going to need to decide which of the two main components of the door are not working. There could be damage to the actual structure of the door such as wood borer, water damage, rust and so on…or the motor could be experiencing difficulties or be broken.  Common reasons for a garage door motor to experience problems can be general wear and tear, a faulty battery and even being struck by lightning which sometimes does occur during electrical storms.

Sometimes the metal racks on the sides of the garage door need oiling or lubricating in order for the door to open and close smoothly and easily. Ensure that you check this regularly as if it is dry or clogged, it can put excessive strain on the motor and cause complications. Doing general maintenance on your door and its motor is a good way to avoid unnecessary break downs and wear damage.

When looking for the best service providers to repair garage door motors at your premises, take the time to shop around. The market certainly doesn’t have a shortage of suppliers and by shopping around and gathering a number of estimates, you can ensure that you are being provided with access to the best rates and of course the best quality products that the South African market has to offer.

Nothing can be more inconvenient than not being able to get out of or in to your garage due to maintenance and repairs issues. Make sure that when you have your garage door installed that you ask your supplier for a warranty on the workmanship and the product – this will ensure that you are covered for repairs and certain maintenance services for a fixed period of time.
If you garage door has broken down on your or you just want to make sure that you know where to turn if it does, shop around and become acquainted with a reliable garage door supplier and repairs team in your area.