?Having a garage is essential for the safekeeping as well as long life of the bodywork of any automobile. Sometimes people opt for a carport or car cover to keep their car protected from the weather as this is a more affordable solution. For those who are looking to build a garage, they will have to choose the door to cover the entrance and this can be tough because there are so many to choose from. Metal sliding doors are good, but they may not last as long and thus more and more people who can afford it select a wooden garage door. Steel doors are affordable, solid and they can be painted in various colours.  
Wooden garage doors are expensive but they are very much worthwhile in the long run, they also display a feel of warm traditional styled garage doors. Wood garage doors can be made with several types of wood among them are Meranti and Timber. A wood garage door works well at keeping drafts out and they also reduce noise from the exterior.  
There are various styles to wooden garage doors and they can have several panels. Some metal garage doors are painted to mimic the look of real wood, which could be really nice and because they resemble a wood finish, they cost less than an actual wood door with the advantage of looking like one. Some garage doors that are made with wood can be made with fiberglass windows framed neatly into the door itself, which will let lovely light into the garage area during the day.  
Garage doors can be made in various sizes from single garages to caravan sized doors. Wooden garage doors can also be made to slide; roll or tilt as it opens and closes, however depending on the style of the door. Some custom styles could prohibit its function to open and close so the style has to be given some thought in order to decide whether it should roll, slide or tilt open.  
Certain garage door companies offer a maintenance service for their clients as well as refurbishing of wooden garage doors to keep it looking stylish, as it ought to.