automatic entranceThe automation of entrance gates on both home and businesses is becoming increasingly popular. There are so many benefits to this automation that it easily explains its popularity. Automatic gates increase safety, security and control over who enters or exits and when. Automatic gates are also excellent criminal deterrents as they render a gate immobile if not opened with a remote or an internal electrical system. Automation of an entrance gate is an investment for any property.

A pre-existing entrance gate can be automated without having to install an entirely new gate. The automation installer will take into account the amount of times the gate will need to open and close in a day and the factor in the height and weight of the gate (new or pre-existing) to get the best possible motor for the automation. There is a large variety of gate motors available and as such the client has the opportunity to in essence shop around to get not only the best motor but also the best price for the automation. To learn more about what is available, visit

Another factor that will influence which gate motor will be installed is the type of entrance gate. A gate that swings open requires a more hydraulic setup than a gate that will slide open on tracks with wheels. Both of these systems can be installed on pre-existing gates if you do not want a new gate. The swing gate works very well on even surfaces but does need peripheral space to move. For uneven or graded land the slide gate is effective as it can be built into the ground and generally runs parallel to the walls or fences already in place.

There are some safety aspects to bear in mind when installing an automatic gate. A sliding gate has a trailing edge that can catch and cause obstructions from inanimate objects. People and animals should also be kept clear in case they get caught in the wake. The gate motor also needs to be kept safe. It needs a covering (most have coverings included as standard practice) and if possible the covering should be kept locked and the key kept safe by the owner.