?Wooden garage doors generally need more looking after than metal ones. This is because although they do not rust, when not taken care of properly, wooden garage doors become very sensitive to liquid and can be completely damaged in a matter of months. However, it is possible to prevent this from happening; there are ways in which one can properly take care of a wooden garage door in order to prevent its premature spoilage.

The first step in taking care of wooden garage doors is to apply strong sealant on them in order to protect them against the harshness of the sun and bad rains. Acrylic latex caulking is necessary before applying the sealant to the wooden door if the door has panels.
The next step is: caution. It is important to make sure that no form of water stays too long close to the wooden door as the water might then condense into the door and make it swell up, and eventually rot. Ventilation systems are important in garages to prevent condensation occurring should there be any water leaks close by.

In order to maintain the colour of the wooden garage door, the paint or stain should be applied at least once every two years. This prevents the faded look that the door gets due to rain and sunlight. Also try to wipe or remove as much water as possible from the wooden door after rain in order to reduce condensation of the water into the door.

Because a wooden garage door does not just consist of the wooden piece which is the covering, it is important to also regularly inspect the rollers, hinges and springs that form part of the door. Care must be taken not to expose the metal parts of the wooden door such as the springs to too much water or to weather extremes as this causes rusting to occur. If the metal parts do start making a noise, oil must be applied to reduce the noise and to prevent any further rusting. This way, the wooden door not only spots its best look but it also works at its best.