Is it better to repair your garage door or do you simply need to buy a new one? Both steel and wooden garage doors can last decades depending on how they are used and maintained. So choosing a door should not just be just about style but affordability.  In most cases, a garage door can be fixed hassle free but there are other things to be considered. Relatively, wooden doors are more expensive to maintain and are an unnecessary expense. For instance, you do not need a wooden garage if your garage is nowhere near the gate. In that case, it becomes a cache no one gets to see. Steel Clopay carriage style doors are best for painting, unlike wooden doors. In addition, steel doors are easier to find as they are distributed more widely (this can be attributed to the fact that they have been around for much longer).  However, not everything about wooden doors is disadvantageous. Steel doors are lighter compared to wooden doors; as a result, they are knocked more often and may be distorted. This means that while wooden doors are more expensive to maintain, repairing a steel door constantly could cost you more than what you would have spent on maintenance if you had bought a wooden garage.
So, before you decide on the type of door for your home consider where it will be situated, how often it will be in use and how much you are willing to pay for maintenance first. These are just some of the things you must consider, research is crucial in anything you do as you remain informed. Also, do not rely too much on suppliers for the right information. Some can tell you anything just to push sales and you might lend up with something you do not need. The best method… just Google it!