?Garage doors are the first things that guests will see when they enter your property and first impressions do linger. That is why your garage door must complement your style and the style of your home as well as add value and security to your house. A wooden garage door is both functional and attractive and can work on any garage doors.
Wooden garage doors can be either for one car or a single (and is made up of twenty panels); or they can be fro two cars or a double (this is made up of forty panels). Aesthetically wooden garage doors can suit almost any style of home.
Wooden garage doors need to be properly prepared and treated before they can be placed in the garage.  Some manufacturers recommend that the garage door’s preparation include three coats of high penetration exterior oil to protect and stabilize the wood. Wooden garage doors need to be kept in this condition to ensure that your long-term investment does not become short term. Maintenance such as oiling a wooden garage door should happen at least every three months; more if there are sever weather conditions. From the beginning the wooden garage door retailer must protect the wood from fungal growth as well as insects through early treatments and sealants. All wooden garage doors are susceptible to the rain, hail, cold, constant sunlight and deterioration by UV rays.  
Wooden garage doors work on a sectional, retractable mechanism. The garage door is partitioned and these roll up and along tracking. Once open the garage door comes to rest on a parallel axis to the floor near the ceiling. The bottom of the garage door is lined with rubber seals to prevent wind or water entering the garage. The size of the garage door motor is dependant on the weight and height of your wooden garage door. There is a range of garage door motors from which the dealer can chose the best to suit your needs.
Wooden garage doors are fully customizable. They can carved, painted and stained to give you the designer finish that you want as well as living up to all your expectation of function.