The world we live in today would never be the same without wiring! We use wiring for absolutly everything. Think about it, from our lights and air conditioning, through to our cell phone chargers and electric razors. So for this reason, we need cable traffic protection.  
Wiring needs to be covered and protected at all times.

That is why all these different coverings have been manufactured. There are hundreds of different types of cable traffic protection, below are a few that I have named used for the most basic!

There are fast lane drop over protectors that are often used in the home mainly for when you have cables running on the floor where people walk. Rubber duct protectors used for lightweight cars and carts. Guard dog cable and hose protectors for heavy duty trucks and fork lifts. Cable panel covers to conceal and protect cables. Supercross utility cable covers for cars to cross over cables safely. Yellow jacket cable protectors for high speed heavy traffic such as trucks and busses. WASP cable ramps are specially for wheelchairs, carts and forklifts, and Raceway inner duct – pre-adhesive latch ducts used at race tracks. 
These are only a few of the covers, protectors and ramps you get to protect your cables, they are extremely important, because if you don’t have your cables protected you will end up paying hundreds if not thousands replacing cables. These protectors are used mainly for cables that run across the floor or ground where people or cars and things will be travelling over them all the time, like gates, doors, booths, ect….  

If a company for instance had to keep replacing cables that were broken due to cars riding over them all the time, it would end up costing the company hundreds of rands, not to mention the inconveinience of stopping thougharfare while it was being fixed.The company could loose millions of rands by not being able to offer for instance parking to potential customers due to renovating the cables. So if you got cables that need protecting, look into the different cable traffic protection covers out there and choose which will be right for you.