Gate automatic and automatic gate are words that can be used interchangeably, though I have noted that it is used to mean different situations  although they count up to the same thing of an automated electric gate, that is not manually opened. Some knows the gate automatic as the formerly manual gate transformed to an automatic gate whereas the automatic gate is known to be the originally meant automatic gate which never had manual functions.
The need for effective security strategies found me pondering about automatic gates or gate automatics. From what I have realised, an electric gate is not an automatic gate like I thought before, but an electric gate can be a gate automatic. Chiefly because I had considered the gate automatic function for my personal security, I went to some showrooms specialising in these automatics, but I did not want anyone to exhibit things for me because I did not want to be convinced, all I wanted was to have a functional exhibit to convince me to choice.
I had a fascinating experience and discoveries. The gate automatic function only works for sliding and swinging gate ways, of which the sliding option is likely suitable for homesteads like I wanted whereas the swinging one can be commercially sustainable for business buildings. Both these option were automated to close and open through a wireless transmitter or/and a manual device. Though well known to be electric gates, some can be connected to solar panels, for places without electricity or to counteract power cuts, but this seemed only for those low voltage automatic gates. In order to open or close the automated gate is an electromechanical gate operators which varied from worm driven to strictly automatic gate openers, and these functions are known to be the mechanical operator functions. The hydraulic operator system drew me closer, since it automatically open and closes, with fewer functions as compared to the mechanical operator functions.
Through out the showroom, were various types of these gate automatic types named the swing, slide, barrier, overhead, and tiger’s teeth, all had advantages and disadvantages.