?If looking back at how technology has developed over the years, it is pretty much safe to conclude that it has improved mankind’s living for the better.  

Take a simple example of automated gates for instance, not only is it a good safety feature, but it also cuts the effort in having to get out the car and physically pushing the gates to part or slide to one side.  
Automatic gates serve as security gates because it allows controlled access into and out of a complex. Some places add more security by allowing strict key card access or automated remote controls as well as an intercom system to make sure the residents of the complex know who is entering before they give the person outside the gate access inside. Many companies when installing these automatic gate systems would offer the extra feature of a spare battery or otherwise known as a backup battery. A backup battery is very important in case of  a power outage as this will kick in when the primary source of power is down, allowing the gate to open and close as it supposed to.  
Automated gates are powered either by hydraulic or mechanic system, where the one uses hydraulic fluid and the other obtains its power from the mains. Automatic gates can also be adapted or modified to operate using solar energy, a conventional and clever way to make use of the sun’s energy.   
There are a wide range of gates that one can choose from, if you fancy a royal look for a long elegant driveway, then tall automatic swing gates is probably the look you want to go for. Swing gates can also use any of three opener systems namely, “A swing arm operator,” “A ram arm,” or an “underground operator system.” Automatic sliding gates are most commonly installed and their operator system is usually found at one end of the gate. An automatic barrier is like an extended arm at the entrance and exit of parking lots as well as some boarders and tollgates. These gates can operate automatically or by remote.