If you are looking for perimeter security electric fences have long been favoured for one key reason. The prospect of having to climb a wall to tussle with something that can run 10 000 volts through your body whilst setting off alarms and alerting connected security companies would cause most wall hoppers to think twice about taking on your property.

Electric fences are still considered the first line of defence in South African home security and have kept millions of households safe from intrusion.

At One Point we pride ourselves in being certified installers of high end low cost, low maintenance electric fences in Johannesburg. We have secured buildings, complexes, small holdings, homes, government services and just about any other thing an electric fence could protect.

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Complex and Body Corporate Electric Fences

One Point Maintenance has special electric fence installation and maintenance services that we offer and provide to body corporates, property management services and other agency or business clients whereby we take over the responsibility of perimeter fencing installation, upkeep, repairs and on an ongoing basis. This allows body corporates to “cap” their security system maintenance costs.

Our Team

One Point Security is owner lead and managed by Jean and Tyson Botha. Brothers with an exceptional understanding in the implementation of home and business security products and projects. Our electric fence installation teams are well trained and equipped to assess and plan the ideal fence security for your home or business. We spend time with our installation teams making certain that no gap is left in your security. To back this we offer a guarantee on ALL workmanship.

Accredited Electric Fence Installer

One point is one of Johannesburg’s top installation experts and are called out to deal with complex electric fence installations around Johannesburg. We are registered and accredited in installing pet-friendly electric fences as well as electric fences that are connected to house alarms and private security services.

Why are Electric Fences so Important?

Electric fences prevent intruders from breeching the first layer of security without triggering an alarm or electrocuting themselves (preferably both). This busy occupants invaluable time to react to the threat. While wall spikes can be hammered flat quite easily electric fences have multiple strands of high tension steel making them difficult to cut / avoid when attempting to breech the home security.

A single hit from an electric fence is powerful enough to put a grown man down flat for a few minutes without permanently injuring them. This makes sense in cases where people / children / pets accidentally engage the fence and suffer an electrocution without permanent damage or scars.

Intruders know what an electric fence and do and the repercussions for touching one. So it is simply easier to “move on” to find a “softer target” house / business.

Many companies might be able to install an electric fence in Johannesburg however few have the experience and keen attention to detail and high quality equipment One Point utilises when installing electric fences. When it comes to your family or business security we don’t cut corners.

If you would like a free quote on installing a certified electric fence please call Tyson on 071 846 7554.

Certificate of Compliance

One Point Maintenance is in complete compliance with the legislations from the 25 March 2011 in the Government Gazette No. 34154. Making it compulsory for all Electric Fence Installation Companies in issuing  an “ELECTRIC FENCE SYSTEM CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE” This law is not in full effect as from 1 October 2012.

One Point Maintenance does not make use of sub-contractors in the installation of electric fence systems we have a dedicated electric fence installation repair and maintenance teams.


Except for Sundays and Public holidays, our offices are open throughout the year. One Point Maintenance provides a 3 year workmanship guarantee on all new electric fence installations. All new installations and full restrings include a free maintenance call within the first year.

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