Entrance gates are becoming quite the rage and fashion in South Africa these days.  A couple of years ago you would only see entrance gates in the movies and they would usually be guarding huge mansions and be operated by security personnel.  People are now starting to see the beauty of these gates and how they can uplift the look of your house or office.  Entrance gates are built to make a statement about the property upon which they stand.  This is why you find all sorts of shapes and sizes and designs when it comes to entrance gates.
Wrought iron entrance gates are the most popular in SA and around the world.  There are a lot of different designs that can be applied to these gates.  Sometimes gate designers actually design the entire entrance gate systems to look like a landscape or one part of nature.  Some wrought iron gates are built to look like trees or a giant flower or even a majestic castle.  If you are looking to have entrance gates installed on your property you can also have statues or overhanging decorations made to fit together with the gates.  This creates a good picture as you drive into the driveway of the property.

If you choose not to have wrought iron entrance gates, you can go for the old school wooden entrance gates.  These are a lot cheaper but can also be made to look beautiful and to suit your property in the best way.  Wooden gates are often made by hand and therefore you can have basically any design you wish for.  However you need to keep in mind that the manual labour of carving out these wooden structures might cost you a little bit of money.
These days you can even have wrought iron gates that are painted to make them look like wooden  gates.  The main purpose behind this idea is to still have the sturdiness of the wrought iron entrance gates but to have the beauty of the wooden look.  Many people are choosing this as they way to go when installing entrance gates.