Some traditionalists will groan and moan that the technological advancement is slowly, but surely eating away at previously manned jobs, hence having an adverse effect on the livelihood of most. To a certain extent they might have a point there. But then again, a loss of one labour intensive job is maybe also being countered by the creation of another in the automation industry, so maybe it eventually all balances out.

Automatic GatesWhere, previously you required some security person to man an entrance to maybe a mall or complex, you now find there exists a boom gate that does not need any human presence. Boom gates are very effective and ideal in places that experience a high volume of traffic. Concerns about them causing damage to vehicles are actually unfounded, as there is a loop detector installed just under the boom. This detector senses the vehicles and will close immediately when a car is safely through.

There are actually a whole lot of variations available to monitor and control the flow of traffic, into and out of many places. In some places, you will find gates that open and close automatically just by having to insert some sort of card or ticket. If connected to a computer, this system can be used effectively to monitor and keep records of the traffic at that particular place. This goes a long way in combating crime.

Domestically, automated gates have also proved to be quite popular. Through the use of a remote control, you can simply command the gate to open, Aladdin style, without having to come out of your vehicle. The practicality of this system is blatantly obvious on those rainy days. Because of these automated gates it has become possible to leave your office during a storm, jump into your car in the parking lot and be safe in your lounge without a drop of the rain touching you.

The automation of gates is worth a huge applause. Let us appreciate the ease it has brought to our lives, because it is very easy to take it for granted.