The automation of entrance gates removes the annoyance of getting in and out of the car to open and close the gate, as well as all the added benefits of not getting wet in a storm or hassled by dodgy people at your gate. Automatic entrance gates are also electrical security guards, helping you control people in and out and deterring criminals. An automatic entrance gate motor is just as beneficial on a business property as a home property for the same reason.

Entrance gates generally fall into two categories: swing or slide gates. Swing gates swing open into the property by using mechanical arms and slide gates roll on tracks. There are different motors to suit the different types of gates and compensate for the strain that is put on them.

There is a large range of gate motors available, some internationally manufactured and some locally manufactured. The quality of both is outstanding. There are two types of gate motors. DC and AC motors. A DC motor uses less electricity. When choosing a motor, be sure to get a motor that has a history of reliability and references (which are easily found on the internet); spare parts and accessories should also be continuously readily available.

Depending on the amount of people and cars that use the entrance gate the motor will need to be standard or heavy duty for either swing or slide gates. An entrance gate motor should also have options for battery backup, variable speed on opening and closing, a pre-determined time that the gate will remain open that can be altered if motion sensors detect something in the way and a manual override switch in case of power failure. Safety for the gate and the gate users is also very important. Remote controls and switches should operate fast to give people adequate time to get in and out.

Getting your entrance gate automated requires a gate motor. This automation will offer protections against outside danger, damage, loss, and criminal activity. It also increases the calculable value of your property and will be a definite asset should you ever to choose to sell the property.