Since criminals are becoming more modernized in their methods of operation; you as an individual must continuously advance or upgrade your security system in order to combat any danger that could come towards you or any of your household.
Automatic gates are convenient because they save time and they are quick. A person does not have to get out of the car to open and close the gate. Automatic gates sometimes are opened using a remote, a secret pin , fingerprints or voice detectors therefore it gives power to the owner to who has access to their premises. Pets and children can play freely inside the yard without being under any danger of some sort. It gives you the privacy you need. Automatic gates also provide maximum security to your premises. There are many models of automatic gates available, you can always choose the one that fulfils your satisfaction and even provide extra surveillance like installed video cameras that keep records of every movement occurring in the premises. Some security companies after you have installed your automatic gate using their brand they also send a street patrol in your driveway to regulate the street during the night. Automatic gates also add value to your house. Manual gates sometimes requires force and can create injuries while trying to open it and anyone can have access to your house however, with automatic gates they are much more heavier and harder to open with restricted access to anyone.
In those days of bad weather like a storm or during load shedding electric or automatic gates can be a lot of stress as they cannot function without electricity. Automatic gates can also be expensive to maintain as they need to be regulated regularly to make sure that they are on the good condition and can still provide easy access to its owners. When a gate give out problems such as gate jams or the gate begin to rust due to too much moisture and you have to repair it.  
Automatic gate offers more benefit than problems therefore it would be the best option for an individual who is serious about their state of living. Automatic gates are luxurious tools to secure your comfort zone.