Are you thinking of getting a wooden garage door?
Are you in the position where you are able to choose the type of garage door that you would like to have?

Well, if you answered yes, then you are very lucky.

In this article we are going to talk a little about wooden garage doors.

So let’s say that you have decided that you want a garage door made of wood, what would be all your options and choices to consider? Let’s find out.
Although wood can be seen as a more popular choice, because of all the styles and colours that you can choose from, they are going to need some extra maintenance, than any other type of garage door, since wood can rot over a long period.
So some good advice on maintaining it would be to repaint it every year or so to keep it looking beautiful.
Another tip that you might like to follow would be to seal your wooden garage door by spraying on a sealing coat. This will also protect the wood.

And don’t forget that there might come a time when you will have to repair some of the wood panels on your door.
So now let’s take a closer look at some of the styles that you can get, when you decide on wood.

A great thing that comes with the choice of a wooden garage door is that sometimes you can even select or design your own style of door that you would like to have. And with a large selection of colours from a light brown to a rich dark brown or cherry red, it can be a lot of fun.
Besides all the colours that you can choose from, you also have a variety of styles to choose from, like maybe you would like a door that slides, or do you prefer a swinging door? There are also options for the tri-fold look or quad look.
So like you can see, there are many garage door styles out there that you can choose from, but when you choose wood, then you can do a little more and have the garage door that you have always wanted.