Automatic gates have made many lives easier. You do not need to get out of your car to open a gate in the pouring rain or late at night; you open the gate with the remote control, drive through, and then hit the remote again. Furthermore, you do not even have to get out of your car to open the garage door because you open that in the same way. If you have access to your house from the garage, it means the first time that you get out of your car is inside your house and that is very convenient.
Apart from convenience though, it has become a safety measure to protect you from hijackers who can attack and rob you right in front of your own house. Some areas are safe, but for many people living in Gauteng an automatic gate is a necessity. The fact that you can open the gate already when you round the corner reduces the chances of hijackings.  
Keep you gate in good repair and make sure you keep the rail free of little stones. These stop the gate midway and it returns to its start position. The gate wears out sooner because it opens and closes more than it should. Outages and blackouts is a reality in South Africa and it makes sense to use a backup battery to open and close the gate under these circumstances.
Gates and motors differ and those in use in industrial areas work a lot harder than those in domestic environments do. They open and close all day long as trucks and cars come and go. The gates and motors will have to last a lot longer under these conditions. The gates must be of a sturdier design as they often open wider for big trucks to enter and leave. The gate motors must be able to take the strain of constantly opening gates.    
Automatic gates are here to stay and they will serve you well, whether you install them for your convenience or for the safety of your family.