Electric FencingTo Whom It May Concern:

This is to confirm that One Point has been contracted to maintain the perimeter and entrance access control, the following are key points that are done each time there is a site visit.

Electric fences

  • Inspect all loops for degrading
  • Inspect all joins for degrading
  • Measure voltages that fence is putting out and receiving
  • Measure fence pulse
  • Test signal sending to Security Company
  • Test siren to ensure correct working
  • Inspect all bobbins to make sure that the fence is properly secure
  • Tighten any loose fence strands
  • Cut back any vegetation that is growing on the fence
  • Check earth looping for proper connections
  • Basic repairs on the electric fence
  • 24 hour call out

Boom Gates

  • Clean all moving pivot points
  • Grease all moving points if required
  • Inspect motor hinges for wear
  • Spray rust spots with an anti rust spray to prevent further rusting
  • 24hr call out

Boom GateWith the service that One Point has given us so far, our Electric Fence and Gate access control has been functioning very well, each call out has been on time and the work carried out satisfactorily.

I would be glad to recommend One Points service, with the work that Jean does around our complex, it is a relief knowing things work correctly.

20 January 2011

Kind Regards
Jan Nel