?Most property owners prefer a motorized gate operating instead of a manually functioned gate for their garages and driveways. A motor gate works with electricity a powered motoring system that with an easy click of a button the gates will either roll or swing open, depending on the type of motor gate is in place.  
Most motor gates operate with electricity and their motor also uses a battery to power movement into the gate itself. The motor is situated at the end of the gate and is attached to the motorized gate by moveable brackets that allow smooth movement each time the gate is opened or closed. Most motor systems use a 12-volt battery that is self maintained and charged by the mains. It is also best that motorized gates have a back up battery in case of a power cut so that the gate is able to open and close for a long time while the power is out. Safety is important and homeowners should scout for the best suppliers or manufacturers of these motor gates in order to get all their questions answered.  
In the pursuit of going green, electric motor gates manufactures are making gates that rely on the energy of the sun to operate and use less electricity. Solar powered gates can be battery powered as well and the battery is charged via solar energy, saving the homeowner the cost on electricity usage. Solar powered gates use a 12v motor to operate the gate.  
Home owners can pick their motorized gate opener kit and then have the correct people install it. The solar powered gate system can operate from far away and even from underground that is why their kits are made up in certain ways to meet the needs of the home owner.
There are various companies who fit and install the motor gates and they too have various prices depending on what the homeowner is looking to install. It I always best to shop around and not jump in headfirst because getting the correct electric or solar powered gates is a long-term investment, and will play a role in safety.