Imagine yourself coming home from a long day’s hard work. It’s raining and you pull up to your driveway only to get sopping wet while opening your gate. Imagine if you could simply press a button and your gate would open automatically, saving you from the frustration of having to get out your car every time. This is the benefit an electric gate brings.
An electric gate typically consists of the gate itself, which is placed upon a railing structure, an electric gate motor, an electric motor lock, and a remote control. Through a gear system, the gate is connected to the motor. When you press the remote control the motor begins to turn and in so doing pulls or pushes the gate along its railing structure. This is known as a sliding gate. This kind of system is good because it saves on space. Instead of the gate swinging open, it slides along its rails to the sides, there is no forward or backward movement.
Other gates move forward and backward, basically swinging open and closed. These gates are known as swing gates and they operate via a piston or crank system which opens and closes the gates.
The sliding gate systems come with an electric motor lock. This is used to prevent your motor from being stolen, as they can be quite valuable. The electric gate motor forms the backbone of your electric gate system. Without it you gate wouldn’t be able to move. On your gate motor you’ll also find a switch or handle which allows you to disable your electric motor. Once you press the switch or turn the handle, you’ll be able to move the gate by hand. This is useful in cases where you have misplaced your remote control. The switch is also protected by the motor lock, so only individuals with a key to the lock can operate the switch or handle.
An electric gate not only provides you with ease of use, it also provides you with the peace of mind that your property is protected. Only someone with a remote control can open the gate, so any would be intruders will stop short when they see your electric gate.