Electric gates provide you with the comfort of knowing that you can enter your property with ease. You don’t have to go through the frustration of getting out of your car to open your gate. The simple use of your remote control will make your life easier and more comfortable. One important aspect to your electric gate is your gate motor. This device powers your entire automatic gate system and without it your gate wouldn’t work.
The kind of electric gate you want or have will determine the type of gate motor you will need. For example, a sliding electric gate will require a motor which utilises a gear system. On the other hand, your swing gate systems will make use of either a piston or crank system which swings the gates open and closed.

Many gate motors allow for the gate to close itself automatically, saving you time and ensuring that your property is secure at all times. They also usually include a battery back-up, so that you are not locked out or inside of your property in the case of a power failure. Some motors also feature a handy light, which helps you to safely exit through the gate at night, or on those cloudy days. Some gate motors also include a sensor. The sensor will detect if there is an obstacle in the way of the gate.

If there is an obstacle, then the gate will automatically open, preventing damage to your car if you happen to have your car in the way of the gate. There is also a manual switch which allows you to turn off the gate motor. You would then be able to manually move the gate yourself. You would make use of this feature when your remotes are not operational or if there is an issue with your motor.
It is a good idea to regularly check that your system is running at the optimum level. This will ensure that you’re not left in the lurch when your gate system fails due to lack of maintenance.