One of the most important aspects of modern commerce and industry is the issue of security. The security industry has blossomed over the past three decades into a major global industry itself and as a whole covers a broad range of general security services as well as highly specialized specific security applications. Surveillance camera security is a more modern aspect of total security and it has become an indispensible tool in an overall comprehensive security package.
Even though security cameras are a modern aspect of security they are not new. In fact security cameras have been around in one form or another since the late nineteen sixties. At their inception the first range of security cameras were rather primitive, with very basic housings and circuitry. The image that they produced was extremely low quality and resolution. they were quite expensive to make and install and had to be positioned for the best coverage during setup because they could not be remotely controlled.
The Advance Of Surveillance Camera Security
Security cameras have advanced over the last few decades based on a number of factors, the increase in general crime such as breaking and entering, sabotage and industrial espionage has meant a demand in general for advances in usability and flexibility of security systems.  
As new technologies and advancements were made, criminals and opposing organizations found ways around them. This is the classic method of evolution, as a new measure is introduced so a counter measure is created to answer it. This is how surveillance security cameras have evolved, to meet new demands and constant change within the industry.  
Another factor that contributes to advances is technology, very often it is technology in non related or far related fields that can lead to the biggest advances. For example, advances within the information technology sector or the cellular phone sector can have positive effects on the security industry, particularly the surveillance camera sector. Today, security cameras feature a number of very high tech features, such as wireless technology, remote control multiple angles and views, artificial intelligence and independence and high definition recording quality, which allows security teams to work off very detailed images.