Security surveillance is a combination of a number of different but sympathetic security elements. At the heart of any comprehensive security surveillance system is the core security surveillance system itself, this usually consists of a number of different components including a series of security cameras, which are CCTV or IP cameras. These are now almost all available in HD or high definition.  
The next component within the security surveillance system is the brains of the system, the software. High tech surveillance software includes facilities for recording information, saving and sending that information to other external sources, controlling what the cameras see, how they move and what they record. Many surveillance cameras can also now operate remotely and so can therefore be placed almost anywhere, this is especially good for covering a much greater area or being able to place camera in extremely small, restricted or hard to reach areas.  
Modern Day Security Surveillance
Modern day security surveillance is genuinely a super high tech affair. Technology has advanced rapidly in many fields which allows security surveillance to be state of the art as well as providing a wide range of security applications and costs. In fact high quality and high technology standards of surveillance is within reach of almost everyone from domestic home owners through to small, medium and large businesses and commercial enterprises, particularly warehouse owners, car lot owners and anyone needing to cover expansive or complex areas.
Security surveillance can be as simple as one or two IP cameras, remote or fixed and a central control and recording element such as a personal computer or a laptop or it can be very elaborate, multiple cameras and central control points linked to multiple external sources, the possibilities are vast and flexible. In fact, these systems are so flexible and advanced that users can link their security surveillance signals to hand held devices such as palm tops or tablets like i-pads and cellular phones. This flexibility is paramount and creates the best possible platform for ultimate user friendliness and flexibility as well as safety and security.