Vivotek is a company that provides complete IP network surveillance solutions. The company was established in two thousand in Taiwan and became publicly listed on the stock exchange in Taiwan in two thousand and six. Vivotek offer a very competitive and full range product line up specifically aimed at the IP surveillance market.  
Vivotek network cameras are at the forefront of the IP surveillance camera technology front and are one of the many product types that Vivotek is so well known for. Vivotek is one of the leading manufacturers world wide of IP surveillance equipment and incorporate both audio as well as video components into its network operations. One of the things that make Vivotek such a successful competitor on the global IP camera surveillance arena is their product affordability. Among the list of cost effective products that Vivotek provide are IP surveillance cameras; recording software and also video servers. The recording software packages are among the latest in IP surveillance camera software technology advances.
More About Vivotek IP Surveillance Products
One of the most notable and outstanding features of Vivotek products is flexibility and user friendliness. Vivotek have deliberately designed all of their surveillance products to be both retro compatible as well as forward compatible, in other words, Vivotek IP surveillance cameras can accommodate existing CCTV systems as well as being able to adapt to any newer applications or developments. These features make Vivotek IP surveillance products extremely desirable and a smart choice both in terms of adaptability as well as economically as there is no need to invest in newer products once the technology has advanced.
Another outstanding and cutting edge, trend aware feature of Vivotek IP surveillance cameras and software is plugging into the latest trend of smart phone applications, commonly known as apps. Vivotek allow smart phone users to download their Vivotek IP camera surveillance app, this allows the user the ability to access and monitor any or all of their active cameras from anywhere they happen to be. This new feature is invaluable to anyone who needs to be mobile but at the same time also needs to be able to stay in touch with their business or home security issues.