As more and more people in South Africa are opting for CCTV camera systems it is also important for consumers to choose the correct camera surveillance equipment for the correct type of application. There are various things that you will need to take into consideration when choosing the type of camera system you will have installed in your home.

In South Africa especially it has become more important than ever the invest in CCTV systems. You will find many CCTV suppliers offering great bargains and discounts on these systems since there is healthy competition in the industry. Following are some of the camera surveillance systems on offer for you to consider:

  • Bullet: The Bullet CCTV camera is actually a ceiling or wall mounted unit which is designed to be used in door typically. However, its use is not exclusive to indoors and can also be used at certain outdoor locations. The Bullet gets its name from its beautiful design and sleek shape. Many of the Bullet cameras also claim to be completely waterproof however these cameras weren’t necessarily designed to have the tilt, pan or zoom control. They were instead designed to merely capture images from a specific and fixed area
  • The Dome: The Dome camera surveillance package once again has its name from its dome-shaped box in which it is encased. These cameras’ housings were designed in order to make the camera seem as unobtrusive as possible, however, not hidden or covert. They are used in retail areas mostly, where cameras need to be unobtrusive but still visible
  • Board and Desktop cameras: These cameras are tiny cameras which is very well suited for use in low resolution Skype conversations and teleconference applications
  • Discreet cameras: This CCTV system can be in a motion sensor, a clock, a smoke detector…anywhere. It is designed to be invisible and people will rarely, if ever, notice it

These are only some of the many CCTV systems available from CCTV suppliers and distributers around the country. Invest in the security of your property, home or business with any of these security systems.