Camera surveillance has been in existence for a number of decades in various forms and the most well known and still very widely used is what is most commonly known as CCTV or closed circuit television systems. CCTV security cameras are the cornerstone of security camera surveillance regardless of whether it is passive security camera surveillance or active security camera surveillance. The most modern and up to date version of security camera surveillance is the digital CCTV systems currently replacing older analogue CCTV systems.

CCTV systems are one of the most flexible security components within any security system and also represent a very high security saturation rate versus lowest cost per area ratios. What this essentially means is that a well placed, high performance digital CCTV camera can save you money by essentially replacing the need for extra active personnel patrolling that specific area. In addition to the outstanding performance over cost properties of camera surveillance units one can add flexibility and function to the equation, the latest digital CCTV cameras use internet protocol, known as IP camera systems.
The Versatility Of Digital Camera Surveillance
Digital camera surveillance represents the height  thus far of camera surveillance technology. The main advantage of using fully digital systems is long term cost effectiveness as there are fewer working parts that can break down or that require maintenance and versatility and flexibility because digital allows for a number of different user scenarios and configurations.
Digital storage formats are also far bigger than previous analogue storage formats which required physical storage in the form of video tape, digital uses virtual storage or hard disk storage than can store more than ten times the amount of analogue storage. If you are using a computer to operate digital CCTV then storage can also be done using internet or external hard drive storage, retrieval is instant in the event that references to a particular incident or tie frame need to be made. The latest is IP camera surveillance or internet protocol; this allows pure digital control of any CCTV surveillance system via your computer or even smart phone.